The hand cleaner for professional horticulture - vegetable production

Liquid, ready-to-use cleaning agent for the removal of organic and inorganic soiling, plant sap, plant residues and chemical contaminations.

Horticulture has very specific requirements for hand cleaning. Plant sap and chlorophyll, some of which are quite visible, and invisible chemical contamination are particularly difficult to clean. Therefore, it is important to use a specific cleaning agent for hands in horticulture that is well tolerated by the skin. FADEX Rapid is alcohol-free, contains no perfume additives and cleans with the power of lemon. Both with water at the sink and without water with a paper towel to simply wipe off the dirt after rubbing hands.

Cleaning agent for organic farming in plant production:Test standard:

EU ÖKO legislation, Demeter International, Naturland Germany, Gäa Germany, Betriebsmittelliste Germany resp. FiBL list of organic processing. Source:

Decontamination - Disinfection against pyhtopathogen virus like ToBRFV