Professional cleaning in Horticulture and Floriculture - Ornamental Plants

Clean green soiled areas specific in two steps thoroughly!

1.) MENNO TER forte 1 % foaming and let dry. 2 days later:
2.) MENNO HORTISPETCLEAN Plus 2 % foaming and wash off.

With a little more effort achieve the best possible result!

Detergent removing plant rest, plant juce, pesticidal residues, contaminations etc.Alkaline detergent (water-soluble concentrate) strongly foaming, for professional use in crop production, vegetable and ornamental crops. Cleaning dirt load and residues from transport containers such as pots, trays, pallets, boxes, crates and areas such as irrigation mats, roller tables, greenhouses, etc. Also for use in crate washing machines.
Application: 1% up to 2%, e.g. 1 to. 2 l in 99 resp. 98 l water, stir during the addition.
Indication / strongly foaming: Apply depending on the pollution of the surface to be cleaned (plastic, wood, glass, concrete, metal, etc.) in the aqueous application concentration preferably with up to 40 ° C warm water. Surface sufficiently wet, preferably to be applied as foam (with application technique skumix) only short soak up period for 1 to 5 minutes, without drying off and rinse with warm water and high pressure.
Before treatment, test product tolerance / resistance of the material surface to be cleaned!