GreenTech in Amsterdam vom 11. bis 13. Juni 2024

We are looking forward to welcome you this year at GreenTech Amsterdam at our booth 02.106 and to answer your questions about our products and hygiene concepts.

GreenTech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticultural technology. Essential questions will be asked regarding new technology and other innovations and we are looking forward to the insights from the presentations, which will be given by respected national and international experts.

ToBRFV, CGMMV, Rugosevirus, phytopathogenThe high infectivity of unenveloped tobamoviruses such as ToBRFV (Rugose Fruit Virus), CGMMV (Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus) etc. has dramatic economic consequences for horticultural production, resulting in significant financial losses.

In a new study, the mechanical transmission routes were specified in more detail and unconventional transmission routes, where adequate hygiene measures are not applied, were made visible.

Most frequently, a high infectious viral load was found in the outer clothing of workers in the greenhouse, which causes the virus to spread further and further on the farm.

The study also investigated measures to develop appropriate hygiene measures for this vector.

The result, in contrast to conventional detergents, agricultural detergents such as FADEX H+ or MENNO HORTISEPTCLEAN Plus, and the disinfectant MENNO Florades achieved almost complete removal of ToBRFV from contaminated clothing.

When clothing contaminated with ToBRFV is pre-washed for 10 minutes with Menno Florades 4%, Fadex H+ 2% or Menno Hortisept Clean Plus 2%, large proportions of the virus particles can be removed or inactivated.

The study showed that reliable inactivation of ToBRFV in cleaning solutions could be achieved by using the plant protection product Menno Florades in the respective solution.

Come to our booth and talk to our experts and let them convince you of our products, which have proven themselves in practice.


Use disinfectant carefully. Always read the label and product information befo