5 First disinfection, then production!

MENNO CHEMIE is a German, middle-size business located in Norderstedt, just North of Hamburg.

Scopes of business are development of new products and concepts, registration, production and marketing, advisory services and sales of disinfectants, insecticides, cleaning agents and special-products for the scopes of intensive animal keeping, the food industries und the plant production.

Personal customer-support is taken care of by overall 12 experienced sales persons and advisors, and is done by field representatives as well as from the head office for the whole of Germany, Austria and a sales-partner for Switzerland.
Aside from the German-language markets, MENNO CHEMIE holds several registrations/licenses and maintains sales activities with focus in the whole of Europe as well as globally, covering 39 countries worldwide.

Since the company’s founding in 1982, over 38 years ago, this success is due to its employees, business-partners and, most of all, the faithful and responsible customers.

Forward-looking, professional customers today ask for more than the bare price-performance-ratio of products.

Crucial points of interest are:

  • long-term applicability, legality of circulation for internal auditing
  • responsibilities as employer with regard to safety of working conditions and liabilities towards the environment.
  • duties of care for prevention of epidemic diseases and in fighting pathogen gems
  • producers liabilities according to national / international laws.
  • full-concept solutions containing products and technologies

For these and other questions, we are at your disposal MENNO CHEMIE-VERTRIEB GMBH.

Our motto:   

               First disinfection, then production!

Cleaning and disinfection are the first stages of work and their quality has a substancial influence on the resulting operational gains.
In preparation of production, inadequate effectiveness causing reduced performance is not to be tolerated.