The specific product for disinfection against excreted endo-parasits: 

  • Pathogen cause of liver milkspots / roundworm eggs  (ascaris suum)*  
  • Pathogen cause of blackhead disease / appendix-worm eggs (heterakis)
  • Pathogen cause of piglet’s diarrhoea / coccidia oocyst (isospora suis)
  • Pathogen cause of calve’s diarrhoea /  coccidia oocyst (cryptosporidien)
  • Pathogen cause of coccidiosis in poultry /coccidia oocyst (eimeria tenella)*
  • Pathogen cause of trichuriasis / whipwormeggs eggs (trichuris muris)
  • Pathogen cause of oxyuriasis / pinworm eggs (aspiculuris tatraptera)

Further advantages:

  • DVG-listed* see leaflet
  • Also effective against Clostridium perfringens C.
  • Awarded the „Impulse for Progress“ medal from DLG.
  • DLG quality-label -> use in empty as well as occupied stables, at proper application.
  • Free of toxic and cancerogenic contents.
  • The product did not produce evidence of sensitization (approved according test methode 96/21/EWG, US EPA OPPTS Guideline Nr. 870.2600).