BLX-BoxLogistiX Warehouse Management System

digital hygiene documentation of big boxes inclusive disinfection status

Optimal protection against diseases in big boxes requires a specialized disinfection. That is why your potato boxes should be disinfected by a professional team - with innovative technology of a future-oriented and scientifically verified disinfection unit, to combine with the new box warehouse logistics BLX-BoxLogistiX®.

Disinfection cleaning of potato boxes Chlorpropham CIPCPathogen control in the scope of potato production is essential today. These treatments eliminate silver scurf (helminthosporium solani), soft rot (dickeya solani), early blight (alternaria solani), black dot (colletotrichum coccodes) and various other phytopathogenic germs!
Manual disinfection requires qualified personnel and is, because of the big boxes and numbers, very time consuming.
Therefore, it is the right choice to proceed to a fully automatic disinfection unit (see brochure).

The advantages are quite obvious:

  •  The foam gives you a very good visual inspection of the disinfection, Disinfection gaps are identified and thereby to be avoided
  • Automated disinfection of big boxes of various sizes (max.1,3 x 1,3 x 2,4 m)
  • High-throughput of boxes per hour, thereby cost-effective applying
  • Disinfectant solution is reused, thus achieves significant saving of product  requirement, compared with not closed circuits, from which agent is flowing out
  • No entry of disinfectant solution into the environment, because the solution is collected, re-sharpened and recycled
  • Continuous monitoring of hygiene-relevant process parameters, fully automatic subsequent metering and documentation of the disinfection solution by hygitrix®
  • Optimal wetting of surfaces and optimizing the exposure times by the creamy, homogeneous foam with patented skumix®, which means more efficient disinfection
  • Electronic documentation with the new box warehouse logistics BLX-BoxLogistiX®
  • Hygiene documentation for certification by QS and GLOBAL G.A.P. and for your customers 

Digital Documentation Plant Protection control residues Chlorpropham CIPC

BLX-BoxLogistiX Warehouse Management System

The system illustrates all processes and movements of goods within the warehouse. From warehousing to stock movements, removing from storage, disinfecting boxes, sorting disposals and billing. Since all relevant data is recorded, every information of each potato bacht will be availible at any time. Thus, a transparent tracebility through the entire process chain is ensured.





Legal national registration requirements and legislation has to be considered before and during use.