optimized applikation of MENNO Florades & MENNO TER forte

Disinfection energy shields, ebb- and flow benches, glass houses, usw.The disinfection process, the better the longer it acts on the target area! But: With cart sprayer or a high pressure washer applied liquid films do not adhere optimally to vertical surfaces usually. The thin liquid film breaks and runs off. That is why, there is topical the new foam disinfectant with skumix®

For optimizing the disinfection in addition to the concentration and the application rate, also the contact or exposure time has to be observed. Due to the easy and safe applicable foam with skumix® it can be realized easily from now on. MENNO Florades® and MENNO® TER forte are applied to the surface as homogeneous, dense creamy foam in a low pressure range up to 6 bar. This application is especially suitable for smooth, vertical, and a variety of other surfaces as e.g. of glass, foil, metal, aluminium or plastic, in conjunction with ebbe-and flow benches, trays, boxes, energy shields, etc.

The advantages of skumix® are obviously recognizable

  • Less odor, less fog, less user-exposure.
  • Better spray monitoring by foam on treated areas.
  • Longer contact and exposure time.
  • Optimal wetting due to stand and creeping properties of foam into profiles, cracks and interstices.
  • Highly variable for individual application requirements, e.g. manually guided foam lance, movable foam rods for roll table treatment or installed in crate washing facilities, etc.

The technology shown above can be placed with an assembly table unit at a 1.000 l water tank, cart sprayer or CC-container. Required is a connection to 230 volt AC power and the use of a compressor with up to 6 bar dynamic air pressure and a capacity of at least 250 liters/minute.